Meet Our Staff

Ellen Wicklum, Executive Director

Ellen joined the Valley Court Diversion team with an extensive and unique professional background, from serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, to editing books, to managing cases for a social services agency. Her interest in law and justice, combined with her ability to help people make change is what she enjoys most about working in alternative justice. Ellen came to the United States in 1995 after growing up in Canada and spending some time in England. In her free time, Ellen likes to garden, read, and curl.


Lyndsay Porreca, Assistant Director, Sullivan County Program Coordinator & Victim Liaison

Lyndsay is originally from the Upper Valley. She has a Master’s Degree in Victimology and has worked with children and adolescents for several years. She loves working in Restorative Justice because each participant is treated as an individual based on their own needs. In her free time she loves watching hockey, going to Starbucks, and reading.


Maureen Bogosian, Program Coordinator Windsor County

Maureen began working at Diversion in 2009 after working in the restaurant business for 25 years.  She became interested in the judicial process after being a Guardian ad Litem in Windsor County.  Two years ago she became a licensed Alcohol and Drug counselor.  Maureen grew up on Cape Cod with ten brothers and sisters and has made her home in Weathersfield,VT.  She has four grown children and enjoys road trips, playing Scrabble, gardening, and cooking.


Erin Keefe, Program Coordinator Windsor County

Erin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and a broad range of experience ranging from case management to family services. As the coordinator of VCDP’s DLS and Juvenile Court Diversion programs, she enjoys working with people of all ages. One of Erin’s favorite hobbies is drawing.


Amber Ricard-Pittman, Program Coordinator Lower Grafton County

Amber is originally from the Upper Valley. Amber became interested in alternative programs when she started as a volunteer. She is grateful for the fact that Lower Grafton County has adopted a Diversion program, and enjoys being able to work with people and guide them before they have contact with the formal judicial system.  Amber enjoys spending with her family, watching movies, and trying new types of cuisine.


Jeremy Durkee, Balance and Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

Jeremy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He has extensive experience in working with youth and adolescents, and enjoys building positive relationships with them. In his free time, he likes to play paintball and spend time outdoors.


Mary Langille, Tamarack and Pretrial Services Coordinator

Mary grew up in the Upper Valley and received her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. As the new Tamarack and Pretrial Services Coordinator, she is very excited to apply her new-found knowledge to restorative justice work. Her hobbies include watching and playing ice hockey, and hiking.


New hampshire juvenile court division

Miranda Collins

Miranda grew up in the Upper Valley and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Miranda has a background in mental health working with all ages. She particularly enjoys working with young people. In her free time Miranda enjoys painting and reading.


Sara Degennaro, Clinical Coordinator

Sara is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor, and Certified Clinical Supervisor in Vermont and New Hampshire. She majored in Philosophy at the University of Vermont and graduated from Antioch University Graduate School with a degree in Counseling Psychology.

Practicing since 1990, Sara currently has a private practice in White River Junction, Vermont. In addition to being the Clinical Supervisor of Valley Court Diversion Programs, Sara has supervised a large number of counselors to obtain their AAP and LADC, and Mental Health Counselor licensure. Sara has been involved developing restorative justice programs for fifteen years, partly as a result of working in Vermont prisons for more than seven years where she came to the belief that the incarceration model did not change behavior or make our communities safer. She lives on a family farm where she gardens, works on art projects, and practices the martial arts that she has studied for more than twenty-five years.